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What is Think. Order. Form. Forwards?

Alfred Herrhausen was renowned across the world for being an insightful and fearless thinker, going far beyond national borders and calling for business enterprises to assume social responsibility. He was as passionate about supporting social causes as he was about developing business interests.

Herrhausen opposed all restrictions on free thought. Time and time again, he openly reflected on issues that only very few of his contemporaries broached. These ranged from debt relief for developing countries, transparency, working for the community, personal initiative and responsibility, right through to the question of how large organisations can remain open, authentic and dynamic: Herrhausen stands for a body of thought, which is of central societal interest today more than ever.

With the programme Think. Order. Form. Forwards, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft facilitates a dialogue between his positions and ideas and contemporary thinking, and thus, enables conveying their meaningful role in our 21st century’s society.

Why Think. Order. Form. Forwards?

The uncertainty of the future can be best met with a maximum of intellectual freedom and flexibility, as Alfred Herrhausen said. His concern was an unsparing analysis of the established, with the aim to develop new solutions for societal challenges based thereupon.

The programme Think. Order. Form. Forwards transfers Alfred Herrhausen’s visionary ideas into the present and reveals how these values and beliefs can shape the future of our society. “Think Order Form” contributes to Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft’s mission to actively promote a free and open society and its cohesion.

How do we work?

Think. Order. Form. Forwards combines brilliant minds, key issues and current debates, considering issues like the social market economy, democracy, progress and work, entrepreneurship, education and European and international politics. The works of Alfred Herrhausen serve as impulse and driving force: They provide the origin and starting point for a new way of thinking and initiate debates without a horizon in time. As first results of the program, different formats are being developed. For regular updates on the progress, please watch this space.


Further details of this programme are only available in German:

Media library

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  • Arbeit soll Sinn stiften – Heiko Fischer

  • Parag Khanna über die neue Vorherrschaft Asiens als Weltmacht

  • Dingding Chen über die Vermittler-Rolle Europas im Verhältnis USA und China

  • Die Zukunft der Bildung explorieren und gestalten

  • Die Zukunft der Bildung explorieren und gestalten – Teil 2

  • Eine europäische Republik als Vision – Ulrike Guérot

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