Digital Europe 2030: discussion with Max Senges

May 7, 2020

Input for the scenario workshops In Digital Europe 2030: On 7 May, Max Senges, Head of Research Partnerships and Internet Governance for Google in Berlin, discussed his perspectives on the issues of the public sphere and digital sovereignty as well as the effects of the corona crisis on digital change in business, politics and society with participants of Digital Europe 2030.

Digital Europe 2030: In the run-up to the German EU Council Presidency 2020, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is bringing together an interdisciplinary group of experts to systematically design possible futures for Europe in a scenario process. The special focus is on the fundamental transformation of the public sphere in the digital age. This should also be reflected in the context of Europe's digital sovereignty.

In the course of the scenario process, further virtual input sessions as with Max Senges are planned.

Participation by invitation only. For further information please contact

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